Our House is Your House

About Us

Curl BC is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the development, promotion and organization of curling in British Columbia. Curl BC is also responsible for the championship system that declares provincial representation at national events. In cooperation with its membership of 22,000, Curl BC provides service to both competitive and recreational curlers, including a variety of adaptive groups.


Our House is Your House.


Active, fun and social, the Curl BC community promotes, develops and supports curling throughout British Columbia.


Curling is an integral part of the lifestyle, culture and heritage of British Columbia.

Core Values

Family: We are a community that acts like a family; connected and passionate about the sport of curling.
Excellence: We are committed to meeting or exceeding the highest standards at all times.
Commitment: We align personal and corporate goals so that the Curl BC community will successfully serve all curlers.
Integrity: We are fair, consistent and forthright.
Respect: We show respect by communicating, cooperating and collaborating with all of our members, partners and stakeholders.
Transparency: We act openly, professionally and inclusively.

Curl BC Strategic Plan

Curl BC Governance Manual

Curl BC Regional Representative Manual

Curl BC Organizational Charts

Curl BC Constitution & Bylaws

Curl BC Board Policy Registry

Curl BC Board Ancillary Policies and Procedures Manual

Curl BC Human Resources Policy Handbook

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