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National Sport Trust Fund

Curl BC member facilities are able to create projects and accept donations for their cause through Sport BC’s National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF). The NSTF is a philanthropic gift-giving program established through the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF) for the development of amateur sport on a national level.

By registering with the NSTF, your curling centre will have the opportunity to increase its fundraising potential:

  • Your curling centre will be eligible to apply for various granting opportunities that are only accessible to registered charitable organizations. For example, community foundations or corporate grants such as Telus Community Grants or RBC Learn to Play.
  • Local businesses or individuals can receive charitable donation tax receipts for eligible charitable donations to support your curling centre.

The registration process is simple and consists of three steps:

  1. Go to the Sport BC website and open the NSTF application form. Fill it out and provide the description of the project, how the funds will be used, and how the project will assist in promoting/developing amateur sport on a national level. A copy of the budget and promotional material is also needed. Indicate how the NSTF donations will be used in the expense section of the budget.
  2. Send your application form to Curl BC CEO Scott Braley (sbraley@curlbc.ca) for endorsement.
  3. Submit your signed application along with any additional materials to the Sport BC office for consideration.

There are service fees for utilizing this service that are deducted from qualifying donations when granting funds are distributed. The current fee schedule for processing each individual donation is as follows:

  • Cash/Cheque/Credit Card donation: 5% of the total donation amount
  • Stocks/Securities donation: 5% of the total donation amount + any brokerage fees

Visit the Sport BC website for up-to-date information, and contact Scott Braley at sbraley@curlbc.ca for assistance with setting up your project.

Our members’ NSTF projects:

Peace Arch Curling Club – Facility Upgrade
Funds are needed for the facility upgrade at the Peace Arch Curling Club to ensure that the facility can continue to serve the curling community in the surrounding area as well as host provincial, national and international events.

Cranbrook Curling Club: Youth Equipment Upgrade
Outreach to youth is the first process in developing world class curlers.

Vancouver Curling Club – Capital Development Fund
A new building for the Vancouver Curling Club means more sheets of ice, the acquisition of new equipment, furniture and fixtures, and an expansion in programs and competitions for all levels of curling. Your contribution assists the Club’s move to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games legacy building.

Victoria Curling Club – Facility Upgrade Fund
The purpose of this project is to renovate and refurbish the entire facility in order to continue operation for future years to come. This will continue the support for curling in the Victoria and surrounding region.

Optimist Junior Youth Curling Development
The proceeds will contribute to the development and expansion of the Junior Interclub Curling League, as well as the Youth Curling Development Programs. This project is important to ensure the future of Curling through development of viable and effective youth programs, and also to attract and retain youth in sport by creating a strong incentive and goal combined with realistic expectations.

Salmon Arm Curling Centre – Curling Centre Upgrades Fund
The project seeks financial support to install a low E Ceiling within the ice area to save energy costs, and a reverse osmosis water treatment system.

Nelson Curling Centre Facility Upgrade Fund
The purpose of this project is to upgrade and renovate Nelson Curling Centre to maximize utilization of the facility, ensure sustainability, and viability of the curling club, reduce operating costs, and to preserve access to and participation in the sport at a local, regional, provincial and national level.

Royal City Curling Club – Junior Curling Fund

Victoria Curling Club – Ice Plant Health and Safety Upgrades

Quesnel Curling Centre  – Capital Upgrades

Parksville Curling Club – The Big Chill

Our NSTF projects include:

Curl BC Athlete Development Fund
The funds will assist athletes in their training for provincial, national and international events as well as those training within the LTAD model.

Curl BC – Youth Programs
To increase BC youth participation and awareness of the sport so that it will increase national level amateur sport

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