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Coach Mentorship Program

Curl BC is pleased to announce the development of a Coach Mentorship Program. 

The Curl BC Mentorship Program is now accepting registrations for 2018-19. If you are interested in being a Mentor or a Mentee please Click Here.

Be a mentor

Ignite a spark  – Create diverse perspectives  – Share your knowledge  – Contribute to confident coaches & successful athletes.

Mentor applicant must:

  1. Agree to and abide by the terms of being a mentee
  2. Be a resident of British Columbia

AND must meet 2 of 3 following criteria:

  1. Hold a current certified Competition Coach, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 certification and have completed Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online module
  2. Have 3+ years of certified coaching experience
  3. Be an active Curl BC coach consultant for 4+ years

Curl BC Coach Mentorship Mentors will be remunerated for their contributions to the program and working with their mentees.  Estimated time requirements per month: 2 hrs of mentorship per month and between 20 – 30 minutes/month of admin. Exceptions apply (8-hour event shadowing). Mentors within the pilot coach mentorship program will be asked to provide feedback to the Curl BC Educational Programs Manager.

Be a mentee

Be a student – Add to your expertise – Share your expertise – Contribute to the development of vibrant & confident athletes.

Mentee applicant must:

  1. Be a resident of British Columbia
  2. Agree to and abide by the terms of being a mentee
  3. Commit to 2-hours/month
  4. Pay the Curl BC Coach Mentorship Program fee

AND Mentee applicant must:

And must meet 1 or more of the following criteria: Number of one-to-one mentees/mentor relationships will be capped based on the number and availability of mentors.

  1. Have completed a coaching workshop (Club Coach Youth, Club Coach, Competition Coach) within the last 5 years
  2. Currently coaching a team that is planning on entering playdowns
  3. Currently coach or manage a junior, adult, little rocks program at a curling club within BC

Curl BC Coach Mentorship Mentees will be responsible for all costs associated with the program. There will be a nominal fee to partake in the Coach Mentorship program.


PLEASE NOTE that programs, clinics and events offered through the Curl BC Coach Mentorship Program will receive NCCP PD points. 

Bill Tschirhart’s Blog: http://truenorthbill.blogspot.ca


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