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2019-20 Schedule of Events

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In the 2019 season, Curling Canada will pilot a 14 team Canadian Wheelchair Championship. The 14 teams will include those from the 10 provinces/territories committed to sending a team (NL, NS, NB, QC, ON, NO, MB, SK, AB, BC), a host team (QC for 2019) and the top three ranked teams from 2018 (SK, MB, BC). This means that BC will be sending two teams to the 2019 Canadian Wheelchair Championship.

The format of the 2019 Canadian Wheelchair Championship will be two pools of seven teams. The top three teams in each pool will make the playoffs, with the top team in each pool getting a bye to the semifinals. The other eight non-playoff teams will play a single game for final ranking purpose.

Curling Canada will fund 100% of travel to and from the host site for 14 teams of five people. Additionally, Curling Canada will provide all 14 teams with an event subsidy of $1,000 per team. Teams are fully responsible for their own hotel rooms and must stay at the host hotel to be able to play in the championship.

Prize Package

A prize package is available in this category.

Event Date Location Deadline Entries *
BC Wheelchair Championship January 3-5, 2020 TBD Dec 8
Canadian Championship Apr 28-May 3, 2020 Boucherville, QC n/a n/a


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