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Concussion Protocol & Helmet Recommendation

Best Practices for Avoiding and Dealing with Injuries and Concussions

In 2016, Curling Canada adopted a concussion protocol, which includes advice on headgear usage and a return-to-play policy following head injuries. The Curl BC Board will be studying the protocol in September 2016 with the aim of adopting similar guidance.

The Curling Canada document can be downloaded here: Safety First Concussion Protocol

Helmet Recommendation

In 2017, Curling Canada adopted a recommendation that the following groups use helmets.
o Children under 12
o Anyone in a Novice or Learn to Curl program
o Coaches for U12 (so that the youth model behaviour)
o Anyone who has reason to think that they could be vulnerable (limited mobility, elderly, on medication).

The recommendation for curling centres in BC is to:
Ensure a waiver system is re-introduced and updated if required.

To assist with that, Curl BC Participation Manager Melissa Sim has created two types of waivers which your curling centre is welcome to use. Centres should be aware that waivers should be signed every year and should not be considered ongoing, as this could result in your centre not having the proper protection.

Template Adult Waiver
Minor Curler Informed Consent and Assumption of the Risk

For more information contact Melissa Sim at msim@curlbc.ca or 604-333-3620.

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