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Officiating Resources

This page has been set up to give volunteers the tools they need to officiate at competitive events. To learn more, click on the links below or contact the Officiating Coordinator, Patti Caldwell, at 604-544-4441 or 604-328-9066, or email pcaldwell@shaw.ca.

Last Stone Draw Update

  • Last Stone Draw Rules (September 2018). As stated in the Curl BC Yearbook Rule 6 (d) (i) Last stone advantage will be per Curling Canada’s Rules for Officiated Play.
  • Last Stone Draw update (August 2018): After reviewing surveys from competitors at Curl BC events, the LSD format will be as follows for all regional and provincial events. One identified person will deliver the LSD as outlined by Curling Canada. If the LSD is measured at 0.0 or 199.6 cm a second person will deliver a LSD. Only if both teams tie with identical LSD totals after 2 stones have been delivered will the teams alternate until hammer is determined. Please note that this may or may not be the same process used at the national events, but will be consistent across all events in BC.

Brush Heads & Sweeping Updates

  • Brush Head Technology and Sweeping Moratorium
  • Please visit www.worldcurling.org/brushes for more information on the moratorium.
  • Additional note: A delivery device can be used to clean the path from the house to the hack in a north south direction and east to west after cleaning your rock. Whatever delivery device you are using during your delivery can be used to clean up the area of the thrower (foot prints, knee prints etc.) as long as it’s not done in a prolonged, hard sweeping motion. Delivery devices come in many forms, i.e. hair brushes, stabilizers, hammer brooms etc.

CurlTime Resources

Here are the links for downloading CurlTime for you to use and practice:

Professional Development Day

Additional Resources & Forms


Timing Training Session at the Chilliwack Curling Club

  • Session 1: 10:00am-12:30pm
  • Session 2: 2:00pm-4:20pm

To register click on the following link: Timing Training Session




November 28th, 2018:

  • Official Orientation- Regional Events  with Patti Caldwell – Learn about your role as the Chief Umpire during regional events.
  • Managing the Clock with Patti Caldwell – Discussing Curl Time with coaches, who they can  approach when there is a “timing” concern, and learning the officiating process for managing “timing” concerns.
    • Here is the PDF of the Powerpoint Presentation:Managing the Clock
    • To watch the recording email Kim Dennis- kdennis@curlbc.ca


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