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Playdown Schedule and Registration

To follow online scores, visit playdowns.curlbc.ca.

Coach eligibility: In order to coach at playdowns, provincials and nationals Curling Canada and Curl BC require that coaches be Competition Coach Certified. For details about the Competition Coach Certification process and to register for a workshop visit Curl BC Courses/Camps.

A Club Authorization Form and Participants’ Agreement must be completed and mailed to Curl BC at 2001A – 3713 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5B 0A7 or emailed to assistant@curlbc.ca. Please select the forms you need:

Member Facility Verification Form

Curl BC Participants’ Agreement

Curl BC Participants’ Agreement – U21, U18 & U16

Qualifier Biography Form

If you are successful in qualifying for a BC Championship, please fill out the Qualifier Biography Form. Information from this form could be used for event programs, press releases or during commentary in a broadcast.

Uniforms and Cresting

Please visit https://www.curlbc.ca/uniforms-and-cresting/ to see the regulations around uniforms and cresting.

Playdown Prize Package

Information on the prize package can be found here: https://www.curlbc.ca/prize-package/

Residency Policy and Forms

Full Residency Eligibility Rules

Proof of Residency Requirements Form should be downloaded if:

  • You have been requested to show proof of residency by a Provincial/Territorial Member Association.
  • You are requesting residency to compete in playdowns in a Province/Territory and you have not been a permanent resident of that province/territory by the September 1 deadline

Application for Exemption of Residency Requirements Form should be downloaded if:

  • You are living within a short distance of a provincial/territorial border
  • You are a student wishing to compete in the province/territory where you are attending school versus your province/territory of your permanent residence.
  • You are based in two locations due to your employment situation
  • You are applying to be a free agent (the sole out-of-province player) for a BC men’s or women’s playdowns team

Note: For the 2019-20 season, Curling Canada has implemented a “birthright” component to residency rules. More information is available on the Curling Canada website.

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