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Jet Ice

Their history with curling:
Jet Ice has provided services to the curling community for a number of years on the local, provincial, national and international stages. Aside from being used in many BC curling centres, Jet Ice is the proud sponsor of Curl BC’s Jet Ice Technician’s Program.

What they do:
Jet Ice is an all-Canadian company that offers a complete range of products and services for the ice making industry, including ice paints, application packages, custom logo stencils, painting services, training seminars, and water treatment systems.

How Curl BC members can directly benefit from them:
Curl BC members that host a Jet Ice technician course receive their choice of a $250 credit toward Jet Ice paint, logos and/or paint equipment, or have the annual rental fee for Jet Ice’s water treatment system waived up to a maximum of $875 (single set-up) for one year.

Visit their website to find out more about their services:

Please send your testimonials to rconnopprice@curlbc.ca.

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