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Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM)

The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) is a movement coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. More information on the RCM can be found here: http://coach.ca/responsible-coaching-movement-p160721

Respect in Sport

Criminal Record Check (CRC) for Coaches

Rule of Two

The “Rule of Two” should be used to protect minor athletes. This rule means that more than one adult should be present in situations where an athlete is potentially vulnerable. For example, a junior curling team going on the road should be accompanied by a coach who has passed a Criminal Record Check as well as a parent, guardian or chaperone who has also passed a Criminal Record Check. This ensures that a coach does not get into a situation where he or she is alone with an athlete that he or she is not related to. A team with a minor on it who is curling alongside an adult (19+) should also ensure that a parent/guardian/chaperone with a Criminal Record Check is on hand. A coach/parent/guardian/chaperone can get a free Criminal Record Check through Curl BC. For more on this service, visit: https://www.curlbc.ca/member-resources/criminal-record-checks/

Rule of Two: Situation Specific Examples

Practice has ended and one parent is late to pick up their child

Try to contact the child’s parents and wait with the child in an open space.

A club or program is not able to send more than one coach to an event

Request that the parents come. If they can’t, obtain written permission for the athlete to travel with the coach and ensure they know of all travel arrangements. Find a coach or volunteer to associate with at the event.

An athlete requests one-on-one training in order to improve their skills

Ensure the arrangement is transparent with club administrators and parents. Train in the same location and follow the same rules as regular training. Allow other to observe. Share gym space with another coach/team.

You notice that another coach and an athlete are missing from the group

Upon return, approach the adult and ask if they were aware they were not following the rule of two. If you do not know the adult, report the incident to a senior staff from their organization.

An athlete is injured and must be taken to a medical facility, but parents are not present and another adult is staying behind with the team

Contact the parents as soon as possible to inform them of the situation and gain consent. Ensure that the transporting coach/adult has been appropriately screened and that the athlete is comfortable with them.

Parents cannot pick up an athlete from training and an athlete can only get home if a coach or other parent drives them

Parents should be informed and agree to how the athlete gets home. The athlete should sit in the back seat.


Steps for Reporting Abuse for Parents

Steps for Reporting Abuse for Coaches

Steps for Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour for Coaches

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